The Guardians

There is a belief in various cultures that cardinals are messengers from someone who has passed. It exists across many cultures and beliefs. Cardinals are often considered the doorway between our earthly world and the spirit world.

All I know is that when a cardinal suddenly appears, I get a feeling of peace and comfort that I cannot explain.

I have a strong connection to this particular painting, of a male and female cardinal, that I call “The Guardians”.

Cardinals give the aura of being strong, confident, self-assured and knowing who they are. Perhaps they also encourage us to slow down, get to know who we truly are and become strong. Cardinals mate for life. They do not migrate. When they have a family, they both care for their young.

If you are lucky enough to be visited by a cardinal, who has come to offer his blessing and his song, take the time to trust it, listen to it and enjoy its message. Feel gratitude for all your blessings and fall in love with who you are, with everything in your life.


Author: Melissa

Melissa Del Pinto is a fine-art artist from Montreal, Canada. She has exhibited in Montreal, Miami, Naples and San Francisco. She is best known for her dramatic, large-scale paintings and murals of photorealistic birds. Her works also include contemporary landscapes, portraits and meticulously sculpted frames, which lend to the more whimsical side of her creativity.