Through the Eyes of a Child

My sculptured frames on mirrors or chair or as part of paintings are really a fusion of painting and sculpture. I believe that they defy categorization.

I use rare finds and eclectic troves from our collective past – toy dinosaurs and soldiers, collected shells from seaside family vacations and the silk flowers from grandma’s house. I use retro toys and keepsakes from our childhood memory box, things that your parents and mine put aside because they meant something to us when we were kids.

These small treasures are meticulously pulled together in a kind of arranged marriage that hopefully evokes in us those safe, reassuring memories of our childhood. When these sculptures follow the contours of a mirror, I am hoping that it evokes in us or forces us to reflect on those forgotten emotions.

To see more sculptures, please visit my Fine Art Gallery and my Studio Store!

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  1. These chairs and frames would uplift any room. They’re an interior decorator’s dream.
    When I was a kid, our imagination had no limit. We saw things in a fanciful way that adults could not. We had our special little toys and with them created our own special world. When we look at these beautiful sculptures closely, they bring you back to those days. It’s escapism art. It’s magic. I love them.

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