Yellow Canary in Flight 72×72

Oil on Canvas / The Yellow Canary is an enchanting, songbird of the finch family. Originally from the western and central regions of southern Africa, it now also calls home the islands of Ascension and St. Helena. The adult male colour ranges from almost uniform yellow in the northwest of its range to streaked, olive backed birds in the southeast.

The yellow canary is typically 13 cm (5 inches) in length.

While the male canary will sing throughout the year, its efforts are intensified during the breeding season when establishing a territory and attracting a mate. During this time, the male performs song-flights, in which it flies a short circuit while singing in mid-air (hence the painting in flight), taking off from and landing on one location.

An canary pair occupies a small territory. The female chooses the nest site and carries out most of the nest construction. The male defends the nest site from rival canaries. The nest is built high up in thick shrubs or trees and is saucer shaped. The female lays between three and four eggs.

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