Shopify Canada

Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario that develops computer software for online stores and retail-point-of-sale systems. Tobias Lütke is its founder and CEO. Shopify recently moved to new office at the Aimia Tower near Square-Victoria in Montréal.

It is super exciting to see their growth over the last few years.

What a place to work! The Linebox Studio website describes the Shopify head office in Ottawa. That site says, “Works of art celebrate communal spaces including one floor with graffiti art commissioned from Montreal mural artists (EN MASSE). Colours are bold and fresh, natural and muted, or subtle and sophisticated depending on the theme and functioning of the space. Even smell is considered with a large, cedar-clad lounge in which the aroma of the unfinished wood encourages relaxation. The result ensures texture, rich materiality, and visual stimulation…The design of this office responds to an emerging idea that moves beyond work/life balance to work/life integration where the work environment can be as comfortable as home; spaces where creative employees are happy to call their own.”

I was super pleased to be able to add my Merkaba mural/installation as well as pendant merkabas to their new offices in Montreal.

I painted a Black-Capped Chickadee in flight. Behind it is the Star or Double Tetrahedron, the Merkaba pattern, perhaps the most astounding geometric and all encompassing of all designs in Sacred Geometry. In early Jewish Mysticism, it was a vehicle (Merkavah) by which Ezekiel ascended into heaven. In Ancient Egypt, this primal pattern was called the Mer-Ka-Ba (Mer or light, Ka or soul, and Ba the body or reality) or rotating light that would take the spirit and the body from one world into another.

In this high-tech environment, the Merkaba now becomes a symbol for personal and business growth and transcendence to a higher level.

I wish Shopify every success!!

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