Rufous Sibia 48×48

Oil on Canvas / The Rufous-Backed Sibia is a remarkable and richly colored bird found in the temperate forests of the lower and middle Himalayas – in northern parts of India as well as Nepal and Bhutan.

The species has an unmistakable appearance with its rufous-dominated coloration. It has a black head, white throat and rufous-chestnut back and upper-tail coverts. The long, graduated tail is black with white tips. The wings are black with white tips to tertails with white edges on the flight feathers. The flanks and under-tail are buffy. The nape and mantle are black with white streaks. The iris is light brown. The bill is dark with yellow base to the lower mandible. The feet are yellow. It is often seen with its crest raised.

The Rufous-Backed Sibia is a vigorous and melodious singer and it measures 19 cm (7.5 inches).

The Rufous-Backed Sibia is gregarious and is often seen mixing with other species in “bird waves” or flocks. It is also very courageous. Together with others, they will mob small owls.

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