Foufounes Electriques Montreal

In 2012, Décover Magazine held its God save the Queen Exhibition at Foufounes Electriques, the centre for art and culture, alternative rock and underground music in Montreal.

Les Foufounes Électriques, known as “Foufs” by locals, is a club and concert venue located on St. Catherine Street in Montreal in a neighborhood known as the Quartier Latin or Latin Quarter. The area is also now part of the Montreal entertainment district.

Décover Magazine is a spotlight on the art scene in Montreal and Quebec. It produces a new edition every three months. The magazine is rich in images of works by a variety of artists from several disciplines – painting to photo montage, photography to sculpture and illustration to graffiti. While the exhibition was seen as controversial because some artistic submissions were irreverent, my presentation was never meant to be disrespectful.

I was true to my artistic style. In this painting, I was trying to create a “real” person – a warm and wonderful grandmother figure yet whose face would also convey the accepted and endured weight of royal responsibility and the hardships of a life. She could be in her mid eighties, yet her eyes somehow seem much older and wiser. She has walnut-like wrinkles around the eyes that show all of the lost arguments with time but otherwise her face is unblemished. I also incorporated my signature toy sculptures, a contribution from my son, into her regal crown. the sculptures convey a maintained child-like innocence as well as the double-edged symbolism of a royal responsibility.

My submission, was featured on the front cover of a special edition of Décover Magazine.

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