Cote Nord Tremblant

This commission was done for a hotel resort, Cote Nord Tremblant. The owner of the hotel wanted to commemorate what she called “the first guests”, the Canada Geese, which had been living there, even before the hotel was built.

This location was originally a religious sanctuary or retreat.  The current owner’s father bought it and put her in charge of designing the hotel and operating it. She decided that painting a mural commemorating these geese, that have been coming and going since the monks were there, would be a nice homage to them.

The Canada Goose is a large wild goose species with a black head and neck, white patches on the face, and a brown body. It is native to arctic and temperate regions. The Canada Geese are compassionate, caring and loving selfless creatures. They care about the community – they never leave behind an ill or wounded fellow bird. They also know when to lead and when to follow – members of a flock alternate in these roles. In observing them, we learn that leadership is not about exclusive privilege but about shared opportunity.

On one wall, I painted a goose in flight. On the other wall, I painted a more symbolic mural of children using the geese as kites or balloons and so are taken in-flight with them. Another child, is simply lifted away by a flock of geese and taken to far-away and beautiful places….a not so subliminal WANDERLUST theme.

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