• Mural Pays Homage to Visionary Architect Phyllis Lambert

    Mural Pays Homage to Visionary Architect

    MONTREAL GAZETTE October 8, 2019 A mural that pays homage to visionary architect Phyllis Lambert, her role as an activist and...

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  • ACTE I: CAPSULE 30 ans

    ACTE I: CAPSULE 30 ans

    I was very excited to be featuring my latest work in collaboration with Montreal fashion icon, Marie Saint Pierre. The Maison...

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  • Mural Festival Élémentaire

    Mural Festival Élémentaire

    I was very excited to submit this piece (36″x36″/ oil, gold enamel & silver leaf on canvas) for the FamaArt...

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  • Mad Radish Restaurants

    Mad Radish Restaurants

    In the picture I am putting those final touches on my mural for MAD RADISH on Bank Street in the...

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  • Prelude to a Prance

    Prelude to a Prance

    One of my latest pieces, “Prelude to a Prance”, was a very large 84″x84″, oil on canvas. Irwin and Claude...

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  • JanSport


    The picture here is of the final piece. The background is a metallic, pattern background on a 3’x6′ panel that I...

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  • Hommage to Norval Morrisseau

    Hommage to Norval Morrisseau

    This is my latest mural, an hommage to Norval Morrisseau. It was produced by @mumtl for @mbamtl special thanks to our...

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  • Shopify Canada

    Shopify Canada

    Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario that develops computer software for online stores and retail-point-of-sale systems....

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  • Scarlet Headed Blackbird 36×48

    Scarlet Headed Blackbird 36×48

    Oil on Canvas / The Scarlet-Headed Blackbird is a strikingly beautiful songbird found in the marshes of northeastern Argentina, Paraguay,...

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  • Warbler 48×48

    Warbler 48×48

    Oil on Canvas / The Chestnut-Sided Warbler has wonderful plumage – white face, greenish-yellow cap, black eye-stripe, greenish crown, dark-streaked...

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  • Coq Noir I, 48×48

    Coq Noir I, 48×48

    Oil on Canvas / Le Coq Noir or Black Rooster or Ayam Cemani takes it name from AYAM which means...

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  • Towhee 48×48

    Towhee 48×48

    Oil on Canvas / There are a number of different looking towhees – notably the rufous-sided group, the brown-towhee group...

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