Judith Liegeois Designs & Gallery

Some pieces from my WANDERLUST collection are available at the Judith Liegeois Designs & Gallery at 363 12th Ave S. in Naples, Florida.

Judith Liegeois Designs offers design consulting services including space planning, lighting, color study, fabrics, upholstery, home styling and furniture design.

Judith and her team are masterful at helping anyone use natural decorations, artistic one-of-a-kind pieces, patterned pillows and accenting them with various tints and shades of blues and greens  to transform your home into a coastal retreat.


Judith Liegeois Designs & Gallery is located at 363 12th Ave S, Naples, Florida

Phone: +1 239-430-6811


Author: Melissa

Melissa Del Pinto is a fine-art artist from Montreal, Canada. She has exhibited in Montreal, Miami, Naples and San Francisco. She is best known for her dramatic, large-scale paintings and murals of photorealistic birds. Her works also include contemporary landscapes, portraits and meticulously sculpted frames, which lend to the more whimsical side of her creativity.

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  1. This gallery looks like a beautiful house of unusual, one-of-a-kind treasures. Having the ability to decorate and rearrange your furnishings is not to be taken for granted or underestimated. It’s not easy to pull it all together, that is why some people trust interior decorators. Yet a home décor can be well put together, but it is only when you add one or two art pieces that really speak to you that the room really shines. It is those individual home decorations that are important in giving you peace of mind. They set your mind at ease and make you comfortable in our own space.

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