The Crow Takes Centre Stage

Wall art, public art, urban art or street art has evolved! It started as an underground movement linked to the hip-hop culture. At one time, it may have been called illegal art, graffiti art and even wall therapy.

Now, it’s international festivals in many major cities (Montreal, Lisbon, Los Angeles, Dallas, Lima, Buenos Aires and more), with artists who have fine-arts degrees. Google’s Art Project has dedicated a web site to Street Art. When the festivals are over, they leave behind revitalized neighbourhoods, more tourism and increased access to art in an engaging, open-air museum.

I have created a number of large-scale, street-art creations on walls in both Montreal an Miami both individually and collaboratively.

In 2015, I was humbled to be chosen as one of only 10 Quebec artists to participate in Montreal’s Mural International Art Festival. Another 10 artists were international talents. St-Laurent Blvd. was closed between Sherbrooke Street and Mount Royal Avenue for a record 11 days, as artists produced their works.

I chose to paint The Crow. I’ve been fascinated by crows since I was a child. They’re often regarded as evil omens, messengers of prophecy or even birds of death — I was trying to take that all away so people could see how amazingly beautiful crows really are. Hopefully, by allowing The Crow’s beauty to shine in happy, positive light and color, all our childhood fears would fall by the wayside. Then people might not be so negative about crows.

Thousands of visitors, aided by a site map (3522 St. Dominique, Montreal), admired the progress of the wall-works. They walked on their own or as part of guided tours that included films as well as visits to market stalls and street art galleries. Many Montrealers were introduced to my work and became fans. They captured The Crow on their phones and cameras and tweeted or re-tweeted it, facebooked it, blogged it or instagramed it. Carle Bernier-Genest, well-known blogger on his site, “C’est toi ma Ville”, writes about the City of Montreal – its beauty, pleasures, diversity and future. He said,”Le Corbeau de Melissa Del Pinto (MURAL 2015) est un véritable bijou. Elle réussit à nous faire admirer cet oiseau, qui autrement nous laisse indifférent, sinon craintif. Une œuvre, qui réussit à nous faire sortir du ‘cadre’ social habituel, est une œuvre importante.”

Many people stopped by personally to tell me how much they admired my work. On June 14, 2015 Bono was one of them. Bono is the lead vocalist of the rock band U2 as well as a singer-songwriter, musician, venture capitalist, businessman and internationally-renowned philanthropist.

Mural 2

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Author: Melissa

Melissa Del Pinto is a fine-art artist from Montreal, Canada. She has exhibited in Montreal, Miami, Naples and San Francisco. She is best known for her dramatic, large-scale paintings and murals of photorealistic birds. Her works also include contemporary landscapes, portraits and meticulously sculpted frames, which lend to the more whimsical side of her creativity.

3 thoughts on “The Crow Takes Centre Stage”

  1. The crow mural is fantastic. I, like many others, always thought of crows and especially ravens as scary creatures connected to bad omens and prophecies of doom. I always remember that poem, The Raven, by American writer Edgar Allan Poe. A raven comes to visit a man who is lamenting the loss of his love, Lenore. That raven was scary and depressing. It just kept repeating the word “Nevermore”. It’s hard to keep thinking of crows and raven as scary now, when I see this beautiful bird against such a whimsical pink background. Who can be afraid anymore? Thank you. I will think of this mural whenever I see or hear a raven.

  2. Lots of people are confused about crows and ravens. Actually, crows are half the size of a raven, about the size of a pigeon. Their feathers are less shiny. Their bill is smaller and flat. In flight the tail is fan-shaped. Their life span is about 8 years. Ravens are twice the size of crows. They are almost the size of Red-tailed Hawks. Their feathers are shiny and have a wet sheen. Their bill is bigger, more powerful and curved and with a tuft of hair atop the bill. In flight the tail is diamond-shaped. Their life span is 30 years.

    Crows are very intelligent, equal to a 7 to 10 year-old child. They can develop various ways of getting food. They can recognize and remember people’s faces and can bond with certain people who feed them consistently. They have even been known to bring them gifts. In mythology, crows demand our respect. They are associated with war and death, the otherworld, as an ancestral being and even the protector of the Dharma, the teachings of the Buddha. In mythology, the raven is often revered as a god.

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